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4 Reasons Managers Should Embrace Millennial Values During Times of Change

change management tips from millennials

Image by iosphere via FreeDigitalPhotos

It’s kind of funny how many managers from the Gen X or Boomer generations have trouble with the mindsets, values and work styles of the millennials.

But when you consider the fact that Millennials can often challenge the ways things have been done for ages, it’s understandable. That being said, when it comes to change management, there may never have been a generation more poised for success.

As this Entrerpeneur piece states, this generation is somewhat synonymous with the idea of change. So when change comes to the workplace, managers should realize that it’s in their own best interest to start embracing some of millennials’ values!

The article cites Brad Karsh of Chicago-based JB Training Solutions in identifying 4 lessons on how business managers can learn from millennials during times of change. His advice?

  1. Start with being ready for change yourself.
  2. Make the change stress-free.
  3. Prepare for the worst.
  4. Have an insatiable wanderlust.

Read the whole article to fully understand his ideas. And if you’re in management, consider that it may be time to get past your stigma of millennials and actually start thinking like one!