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I come across a lot of lists and articles about what you should and shouldn’t do on LinkedIn when networking.

The problem is that a lot of them tend to be very topline with advice like “don’t make it just about you” or “be respectful of others’ time.” Is this good advice? Sure. But it doesn’t offer up a lot of tangible examples of what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

That’s why I want to share this Forbes article by Liz Ryan that gives very specific examples of things you should NOT be doing on LinkedIn.

For example, Ryan writes:

Never send someone a connection invitation and then, the minute they join your network, send them a request for them to introduce you to someone they know. There is no better way to signal “You’re just a means to my end!”


When you’re job-hunting, wait until you get to the end of the process before inviting the people you met on job interviews to connect with you on  LinkedIn. If you get the job, they’ll  be your co-workers. If you don’t get the job, you can send a quick thank-you email message once the recruiting process is finished. In that message you can ask “May I send you a LinkedIn invitation?”

Check out her whole list here. This is tangible advice I hope you all read and embrace in how you leverage LinkedIn for the betterment of your career!