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Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As someone who once worked for a huge company and ultimately started his own business, it’s easy for me to showcase the highlights of being an entrepreneur.

But being your own boss isn’t for everyone, and it’s often not what it’s cracked up to be.

Lately I’ve seen ta lot of articles praising being an entrepreneur, almost as if it is something “everyone” should do. But I can tell you it is NOT.

This recent Inc. article by Daniel DiPiazza does a great job of breaking down all the reasons being an entrepreneur isn’t right for everyone. Some valid points he brings up:

How about the 24/7 struggle of making sure you’re always growing and constantly trying to keep the metaphorical house from burning down, knowing that one wrong move could kill you in the beginning? Feel like doing that?

How about hiring people and having their livelihoods depend on the decisions you make every day?

How about hiring friends, but then having to fire them because they aren’t a “good fit”?

He goes on to point out that the only reason he keeps doing it is that there’s nothing else that makes him happy.

My point is this: For some, nothing will ever be as satisfying as starting their own business. But for many, the seduction of being an entrepreneur doesn’t have a happy ending.

If you’re thinking about starting off on your own, make sure you think long and hard about it, and talk to people who have done it before.