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What Your Leadership Style Says About Your Emotional Intelligence

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Below is an excerpt from my latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch career coaching column.


According to Grow America, a majority of people are currently unhappy in their corporate jobs.

Harris Interactive indicates a full 74 percent of people would consider finding a new job today and Mercer’s “What’s Working” study says 32 percent are actively looking. The reasons for their unhappiness? A recent study by Accenture indicates the following:

• 31% don’t like their boss

• 31% lack empowerment

• 35% internal politics

• 43% lack of recognition

What do these four things have in common? They can all be tied back to poor leadership, specifically the leader’s emotional intelligence — how in touch a leader is with their professional emotions and those of the people they lead.

If you’re a manager, how others respond to your leadership is a reflection of your ability to lead. Sure, some employees are just bad fits. But regardless of whether or not you make the right hire, it’s on you as the manager/leader to develop things for the better and recognize the emotions of the people you lead.

The unfortunate reality is their leadership style comes from an authority in their home or past work experience — and that style was misguided.

Unfortunately, these leadership styles are not emotionally intelligent… Read the rest of the column here.