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5 Pieces of Bad Job Search Advice

job advice

Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I recently came across a Forbes article titled “The Five Worse Pieces of Job-Search Advice” that I found insightful and refreshing seeing how many people DO give bad advice out there!

Here are the 5 the article calls out:

  1. Stuff your resume with keywords to get through the applicant-tracking keyword-search algorithm.
  2. Don’t mention salary until you get a job offer.
  3. On a job interview, answer the questions in the standard, “acceptable” way.
  4. Whatever an employer asks you to do in the recruiting process, do it.
  5. Remember — employers have lots of talented job-seekers to choose from. You are just one among many, and nothing special! 

How many of these pieces of advice have you heard?!

I do have to say, though, that I don’t necessarily agree with #2.

If you have done your homework you should know what the market rate pays for this role. Your job is to focus on the unique value you can bring to them. If the company is known for not paying market rate (like many small companies), you can often uncover that info through networking.

So targeting the right companies becomes important. Think of it this way – haven’t you often bought something that went over your budget?  Why?  Because the perceived value was worth going over your budget.  It’s no different here. Your goal is for them to WANT YOU and be willing to pay whatever is necessary.

But still, the article is worth your time, and I hope you check it out for more insight!