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Is Poor Workplace Communication Wasting Your Time?

bad communication, workplace mistakes

Image by kanate, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I hear so many professionals complain about “not having enough time” to do what they REALLY want to in their career or personal life.

The thing is, if they worked a little more intentionally on how they communicate, they would actually have more of that time back!

Yes, poor communication is a major driver of wasted time in the workplace. I recently read this Huffington Post article that breaks down 20 different ways bad communication wastes time, and I think it’s something everyone should read and be aware of!

Some of the ones that stood out to me:

#2 Failing to manage your inbox and file documents appropriately so that you’re forced to continually reshuffle what’s there to remind yourself what needs action when.

#4 Sending unclear, disorganized documents that cause readers to respond with questions rather than the expected action.

#6 Copying too many people (or the wrong people) on emails, wasting their time to read irrelevant messages and information.

#10 Conducting a meeting without key decision makers in the room, thereby making it necessary to have to conduct the meeting again later when the decision makers are present.

#18 Permitting turf wars to continue among factions, departments, and divisions that refuse to communicate and cooperate across functional lines.

#19 Sending duplicate messages in attempts to “get through” (that is, sending a text message, an email, and voicemail).

Read the whole list here and think hard about how you should change the way you communicate at work!