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4 Steps To Better E-Communication

email communication mistakes

Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My last post dealt with how poor communication in the workplace can be a total time waster.

This topic got me thinking deeper on communication and how it impacts our professional success.

This brought me back to a conclusion I often come to with my clients – you can’t just blame everyone else, but must also look inward.

What are you doing that is part of the communication problem? Do you have what it takes to make changes in yourself that will lead to achievement of your team and goals?

One tangible example of this is in how we email others in the workplace. This simple form of communication can determine our credibility with others and set our trajectory from day one on the job.

This Entrepreneur article does a great job of calling out 4 things you should stop and ask yourself about the way you use email in the workplace. It’s a great example of what I’m talking about – looking inward to make sure you communicate as effectively as possible.

And take it from me – this one look inward could pay big dividends outwardly later on. The person who knows how to communicate is often the person who is best set for success, be it a bigger responsibility, a promotion or a raise.

Here’s as sneak peek at the 4 things the article calls out:

  1. Am I credible?
  2. How else can I convey the message?
  3. What subject line will demand their attention?
  4. Why should they care?

Read the whole article for more insight into this important topic!