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How To Advance Your Career Once You've Made It To The C-Suite

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Image by stockimages, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

While this post may seem catered to corporate executives, it’s also applicable for anyone in management who wants to further their careers!

The C-Suite got its name because top executives’ titles tend to start with the letter C – like “chief” as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer or chief information officer. A lot of professionals see C-Suite status as the ultimate goal. But once you’ve arrived, you can’t just sit back and be content in your title! Once that happens, you’re already at risk of losing it.

You have to constantly seek to learn, advance and progress. I recently came across an article titled “3 Ways To Advance Your Senior Management Career”, and I think it does a nice job of laying out what I’m talking about here.

The article calls out three ways high level executives can further position themselves for personal and professional success:

  1. Expand your network.
  2. Market yourself (in a targeted way).
  3. Become a board member.

Read the whole article for more rationale as to why these actions are important at the C-Suite level, and if you’re already there, share how you are trying to not only maintain your career – but advance it.