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salary, transparency

Image by Stuart Miles, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If we’re being truly honest, I think every one of us would admit that we’re curious about our coworkers’ salaries, or at least people in our industry in similar positions make.

The debate has always been, would it be a good thing for companies and professionals to be transparent about their salaries, or a bad thing?

This Money article has some interesting statistics on the subject. Per the article:

According to Glassdoor’s latest survey on salary transparency, 70% of employees think transparency around pay improves worker satisfaction, and 62% say they would be willing to share information about their own salary if they could do so anonymously.

The article continues to claim that employees would be happier if there was more salary transparencey.

Nearly 70% of American workers agreed with the statement, “I wish I had a better understanding of what fair market compensation for my position and skill set is at my company and in my local job market.” With so few employees confident they’re being compensated fairly, the result is a troubling knowledge gap around pay transparency.

I’m curious what you think. Is salary transparency necessary to help you know your market value? Or is it the kind of thing that could just stir up discontent and envy?