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New Career Column: Grieving is a Healthy Part of Change

St. Louis Post Dispatch career column

Below is an excerpt from my latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch Career Column. Read the whole column here.


As an executive coach, I see disappointing changes in people’s careers and lives all the time.

The promotion isn’t happening. The company is making you transfer to a new city. The new job didn’t work out. The restructure of the department means your role is changing.

All of us have likely experienced at least one of these scenarios. In the moment, we feel traumatized by the news and our emotions run in circles trying to resolve (or come to terms with) a “new normal.” We can’t help but take it personally, because in reality we are experiencing a loss.

On top of that loss, most changes come with additional unwanted changes. For example, not getting a promotion also means delaying your plans to buy a new car. Moving away means leaving friends. A change in workplace role means dissolving your old team. We could go on and on.

Businesses go through this as well. Companies win new clients and lose established clients simultaneously. Those changes often affect the workforce and workplace culture.

The point here is this — you are going to FEEL IT.

But all too often, I see people stuff their feelings down, not allowing time to grieve. This ultimately makes it harder to move forward.

So what’s the best to navigate your way through tough changes? You must PROCESS IT. Here are three simple, helpful steps you can use to let yourself feel the pains of change in a positive way…

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