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As Boomers Retire, Need For Workers Increases

It’s no secret that the baby boomer generation will soon be retiring out of the workplace.

In fact, this report suggests that most boomers will be retired in the next 10 years.

The question is, will America be ready to fill the jobs left by boomers? That’s the question NBC News asks in this article, as they explore the situation, bringing it to life in the context of employers in the Pittsburgh region.

According to the article, “employers, educators and policymakers in the region must immediately accelerate efforts to educate, train, retain and attract talent for more than a million jobs, which, by 2025 will need to be filled to meet anticipated demand.”

Some of the biggest needs from new employees include computer skills, comfort with technology, and adapting to change. The article also claims manufacturing will be one of the biggest sectors with holes that need filling.

Read the whole article here, and consider how the retirement of baby boomers might impact your organization – or your own career!