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A Must-Read For Millennials About Finding Career Success

My last blog post discussed the huge number of baby boomers who will be retiring over the next 10 years – now it’s time to talk about millennials.

After all, this is the generation who will likely be filling those new jobs! This demographic is going to play a critical role in the economy and workforce moving forward, and it’s essential that they have a vision for their own success.

Enter this article, A Career Roadmap For Millennials and Gen Z. The article lays out some very topline (but essential) ways millennials can find success, all through the context of the PR industry. But I believe millennials going into any industry will find some of these tips helpful:

  1. Define your vision.
  2. Build bridges.
  3. Think big.
  4. Remember the three P’s (Perserverance, Positivity, Personality)
  5. Network, Network, Network

I recommend millennials (and future employers of millennials) read the whole article for deeper insight into each of these tips. It’s time to start having the conversation with yourself and/or with your company during this important time!