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job seeker

Image by Master isolated images, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When you’re a job seeker, you are bombarded with choices, some of which you may not even realize are choices at all.

You see, when you face a challenge like a job search, you may do “what’s expected” like blasting out resumes or answering want-ads. But by doing this, you are making the choice to jump in without thinking first.

What you need is a strategy. A process. A plan. And by really digging in strategically (possibly with the help of a mentor or coach/counselor) BEFORE you start applying for jobs, you make the choice to do more work early and less later (not to mention likely saving yourself time and frustration in the long run!)

This concept of a job seeker’s choice is further brought to life in a US News article titled “5 Choices Every Job Seeker Makes.” The article does a great job of differentiating what you might think you need to do, and the choice you should actually make.

Here’s a sneak peek at the article’s breakdown:

1. Buckshot applying to everything vs. a focused approach.

2. Answering ads vs. using ads as primary research.

3. Relying on your responsibilities vs. showing your stuff.

4. Regurgitating your story vs. actively listening to an employer’s pain points.

5. Telling what you need vs. showing what you are worth.

Read the whole article for more insight, and really ask yourself: “Am I making the right choices in my job search?”