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Image by iosphere, via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Let me get this out of the way first – I strongly believe that a salary should never be the primary driver in one’s career path! You should follow your passions and talents, identifying jobs that will make you happy every single day. Believe me, a lot of jobs that pay over $100,000 a year will NOT give you that!

That being said, of course any professional would like to be well compensated. And if you are looking for a career path in a specific field like healthcare or engineering, knowing that a certain job does pay well may help you know where to set your focus.

All of my info on this topic is coming from this CBS News article/Glassdoor findings, which establishes that “the inflation-adjusted median household income has dipped from a high of almost $58,000 in 1999 to just under $54,000 in 2014.”

Because of that, many people may be looking for new job paths in their current career field that does indeed pay better. And that’s where a list like this comes in. Read the article for more insight and background. But here’s a quick look at the careers the article calls out for earning more than $100,000 a year:

Nurse Practitioner

Equity Research Associate

Physician Assistant

Regional Sales Executive

Drilling Engineer


Special Agent


Airline Pilot

Software Architect

Reservoir Engineer

Are there any surprises to you on this list? Any jobs that you could pursue?