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Surprising Stats on When and Where People Hate Their Job The Most

stats on jobs people don't like

Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What month of the year do people hate their job the most? What day of the week do professionals get most low about their job?

These are the kinds of questions that a new study by Monster and Brandwatch set out to answer.

Per this article, the study:

“…analyzed about 2 million tweets worldwide to provide insight on job-loving and job-hating trends. It compared the amount of tweets complaining about employment to those praising it.”

Some of the findings:

  • More people in the U.S. tend to hate their jobs in July, while more love their jobs in October
  • People tend to love their job the most on Thursday, while hating it the most on Sunday
  • The country with the highest ratio of job love was the Philippines, with a 30-1 ratio
  • The lowest were Ireland and Ecuador, with a 3-1 ratio (The U.S. came close to that low though, with a 4-1 ratio, tying with Canada)
  • Most states on the higher job-love end of the ratio are in the West, while the job-hate states tend to be concentrated on the East Coast
  • Idaho nabbed the No. 1 job-love spot this year, from Hawaii last year

What surprises you here? Is there something Americans out west have figured out that people in the east have not? Does landscape and outdoor activity have something to do with it?

Read this article for more insight into these statistics!