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If You’re Asking These 3 Questions, It’s Time To Take Career Accountability

career development, career coachI’ve written an entire book on how to take control of your career and the changes that come with it.

While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “self help” book, there are a number of things that do indeed point back to how YOU yourself have to take control of career change before career change takes control of you.

It’s not your manager’s job. It’s not your mentor’s job. It’s YOUR job to get the ball rolling. Will other people be involved in your career development? Absolutely. But it’s your responsibility to bring them in and “manage up” to get the help you need.

But let’s take a step back – how do you know if/when you’re at that point where you need to take action in the first place? I recently ran across this Forbes article that identifies 3 questions that – if you’re asking them – means that it’s time to figure out how you can take accountability and make change happen.

Here’s a quick preview of those questions:

  1. What if my area of expertise and the work for which I have the most passion is outside the area I’m currently working in?
  2. How do I deal with continual rejection in pursuing new opportunities?
  3. What can I do when I am driven to get a promotion but am told there are no openings?

I highly encourage you to read the article for more insight into each of these questions and the actions they should motivate. And remember – it all starts with YOU!