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slash careerOkay, let’s get this out of the way – no, a “Slash Career” has nothing to do with a certain rock star.

But that’s not to say that aspiring rock stars don’t have a slash career. Allow me to explain.

I recently came across a Forbes article that defines a professional “type” that has been around for a while – the person who isn’t defined professionally by just one type of career. For example, someone who is a Lawyer/Blogger. Or a Teacher/Actor. Maybe a Digital Strategist/Artist. And yes, even an Accountant/Guitarist.

For years HR professionals and hiring managers have tended to dismiss people with a slash career because it inherently suggested that they have no real focus – or that they possibly would see your position as a “day job” while they pursue their true passion.

But the article I just referenced  does a good job of taking the opposite stance, breaking down why slash careerists (and yes, many of them are millennials) add value to their organizations. In fact, it calls out three reasons why you should hire a slash careerist:

1. They are motivated and take initiative.

2. They have a diverse skill-set.

3. They are creatively fulfilled – and their creativity spills into your company.

Not convinced? Read the whole article for more insight, and consider whether or not your organization should more seriously consider slash professionals!