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How The 3 Rings of Change Can Impact Your Career

3 rings of changeChange is an ever-present force in our lives and careers.

Stop and take a moment to think of all the changes you have made (or will be making) in your career and life.

It’s important that your career has deeper meaning than just making money or working for retirement, and that’s what makes mastering change so important. To truly thrive and have meaning in your career, you need to make the most of it, and that means making and managing change, not simply reacting to it.

Your success in managing a thriving career is based on understanding three basic principles that I call the “Three Rings Of Change.” And just like the three rings of a circus, the Three Rings Of Change demand simultaneous attention.

  1. Center Ring – Your “Ring Of Control” includes factors you can create, alter and direct to your advantage.
  2. Middle Ring – Your “Ring Of Influence” is focused on elements upon which you can have an indirect impact through your presence and influence.
  3. Outer Ring – Your “Ring Of Response” includes all the important factors that do have an impact on your career, but that you cannot directly control or influence – and thereby must respond to.

There’s way too much to write about each of these 3 rings than can be contained in one post – which is why I wrote an entire book on the subject. Check out RINGMASTER, or reach out to me for more thoughts and strategies on how you can master change.