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personality testThe Myers-Briggs test has long been one of the most used and relied upon personality tests available.

Now it’s coming under some harsh criticism that threatens its position of trust and authority.

A recent article from VOX outlines 4 reasons why we – and I’m talking to you specifically HR executives and managers – should seriously question using Meyers-Briggs for workplace staff planning and in our personal lives.

A lot of people will not like this take. But it’s important that we all do the due diligence to consider what is being written here, and what it means for professionals (and everyone individually) everywhere.

In short, VOX states the following:

  1. The Myers-Briggs rests on wholly unproven theories.
  2. The Myers-Briggs uses false, limited binaries.
  3. The Myers-Briggs provides inconsistent, inaccurate results.
  4. The Myers-Briggs is largely disregarded by psychologists.

I hope you will read the entire article for deep insight into each of these four concerns so that you can truly understand this new issue!

Do these findings surprise you? Do you agree? Disagree?