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What The Circus Can Teach You About Reaching Your Career Goals

ringmasterWhen the circus comes to town, the “raising of the tent” is a big deal. The circus manager and ground crew have a very specific goal – to get the tent up – but they also have a very specific set of action steps to do so successfully and safely.

The performers have a similar mentality. An acrobat whose goal is a new stunt doesn’t just say, “I want to do that stunt next,” and then do it. They create a strategy and action steps to work their way up to the stunt, finding safe ways to rehearse it and master it before they ever try it in front of a real audience.

You need to do the same thing. Creating an actionable plan to reach your goal is essential.

This is especially the case if your real-world experience doesn’t link directly with your college degree. Over the years, I’ve met hundreds of people who have a career they love, but a degree that has nothing to do with it! So how did they get to where they are today?

There’s one common thing in every one of these people’s stories. They found connections and identified action steps to make it a reality.

Here are some examples of the kinds of steps I’m talking about. You can read extensively about each step in my book, RINGMASTER: 8 Strategies To Becoming a Star Performer In The Midst of Change.

  1. Find a mentor.
  2. Put in the hours.
  3. Develop a timeline and measurements.
  4. Identify industry trends.
  5. Become a niche expert within the marketplace.