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Understanding “Fit” When Interviewing For a Job

job interviewHere’s a little insider HR secret: When someone is brought in to be interviewed for a job face-to-face, most of the time HR or management have usually already concluded that the interviewee has the skills to do the job. This is especially true if the person is an internal candidate.

The decision often boils down to fit.

Here are just some of the “fit” questions they ask themselves:

  • Does this candidate fit our organization, department and overall culture?
  • Do they think like we think?
  • Do they work appropriately with authority?
  • Do they stand for the same ideals we do?

If you’ve ever been on the employer’s side of the hiring process, you already know this is true. You’ve probably met a candidate that you think is a good fit, even if they don’t have all of the skill sets yet.

You may have even hired them, thinking, “I really like how this person thinks. I can train them to learn the skills they are lacking.”

This is a demonstration of how much an employer can value fit, even when job skills are not perfect for the position.

You can learn more about “fit” in my book, RINGMASTER: 8 Strategies For Becoming a Star Performer in the Midst of Change.