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5 Qualities You Should Exhibit In a Job Interview

interviewPeople often talk about “intangibles” they look for in a potential job candidate – those things people show off in a job interview that can’t come to life in a resume or application.

Now, a lot of these intangibles are personality traits like friendliness, desire to learn, collaborative spirit, etc.

But there are also intangibles that are a little more broad in context, and they are things every professional should be ready to exhibit when sitting across the table from a hiring decision maker.

I recently came across an HR.com article by Heidi Duvenage that digs into this very subject. She identified five qualities (most of which are intangibles) that employers are looking for in job applicants. Here’s a quick preview of what she recommends.

  1. Mind-set. You should demonstrate that you are motivated, energetic, and eager.
  2. Interpersonal skills. This doesn’t mean you have to be the most outgoing extrovert in the planet, but rather that you are ready to collaborate with others.
  3. Life experience. They want to know that you are well rounded and can learn from any kind of experience.
  4. Work experience. Of course this had to be included, but your potential employer is going to want to dig deeper into what you’ve learned from past professional experience (even if that only includes volunteer work!)
  5. Cultural fit. I’ve blogged about this before, and it’s something everyone should understand!

I recommend you read the whole article and take a serious look at how you demonstrate intangibles like this in a job interview!