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Managers Set The Tone For Workplace Contentment

coworkers, managerA report toward the beginning of the recent recession stated that 60% of people intended to leave their job. Why? One major influence was/is that employees are discontent and disengaged because they don’t feel they can express their ideas to their managers.

The most surprising thing about this is that it comes amidst a huge economic downfall with unemployment statistics moving upward. It’s clear that “just having a job” isn’t enough no matter how bad things look. So as a manager, you can’t sit back and assume people will be content. You must ask yourself if you’re building a team-based workplace environment where people will want to be every day.

When it comes to culture, you set the tone, managers! Your behavior, along with the behaviors you reward on your team, dictate your department’s culture. Large companies have an overarching culture, but you also might find other types of “mini cultures” within the organization that reward different behaviors.

The culture that works best for your department’s needs is up to you to discover and create. Sometimes your industry and/or department responsibilities may dictate some of the culture, such as finance or accounting-related fields where accuracy and details will always be rewarded.

The important thing to do as a manager is to make sure everyone understands what’s expected of them, and in what fashion you want it delivered.