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5 Skills That Will Help You Keep Your Job

job tipsLike it or not, we live in a day and age where job security just isn’t what it used to be.

There was a time when there were a lot of retirement parties for people who stayed at their company for 40 years, their employers as loyal to them as they were to their organization. But in our contemporary world, this kind of story – and this kind of loyalty – just isn’t a reality anymore.

I’m not trying to scare up doomsday perspective on the job market by any means here. We’ve simply gotten to a point in time where companies run leaner than ever, and if you want to keep your job, you have to show your value constantly.

Now, a lot of times I write about showcasing that value in order to get a NEW job. But now I’d like to look into another scenario – what if you simply want to maintain your existing job?

If you’re even asking this question, that’s a good first step. So many people get the axe and never see it coming. They get comfortable, rest on their laurels, and lose all awareness that their job could be on the line. So if you are actively seeking how to keep the job you already have, good for you!

There are a lot of good thoughts on this topic, and this Forbes article actually brings up some great points. It identifies “5 critical job skills to stay employed”, and I think each makes a lot of sense:

  1. Getting Altitude. This means stepping back and finding perspective on your situation.
  2. Framing. This is all about how you frame your background – how do you see yourself as a professional?
  3. Pain-spotting. How do you help solve the pains of your company or industry?
  4. Probing. Are you asking good questions that will reveal more pain-spots for your managers or clients?
  5. Storytelling. Everyone has a good story. Do you know how to tell yours?

I highly recommend you read the entire Forbes article.

Then ask yourself – “Am I positioned to keep my job?”