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Stop Doing These 11 Things, Be Happier At Work

how to be happy at workA lot of career development think-pieces do a good job of telling you what to do – things like “focusing on communication” or “taking time out just for you” in your personal life so you are happier at work.

But sometimes it’s just as important to explore what you should STOP doing. What I mean is that we often fall into behaviors, routines or attitudes that take away from our professional and personal happiness. And when you stop doing these things, you find yourself happier on the job and at home.

This is the premise of Jeff Haden’s recent Inc. article. Mr. Haden thoughtfully breaks down 11 different things you may be doing that lead to less happiness and more disenchantment, frustration and discontent.

Here’s a quick preview of his list. I recommend you read the whole article for more insight into each one. Some of these may seem obvious on the surface, but if you really think about it, I’d bet you struggle with more of these behaviors than you’d expect.


  1. Clinging only to what you know.
  2. Blaming other people.
  3. Impressing other people.
  4. Interrupting other people.
  5. Complaining.
  6. Controlling other people (or at least trying to).
  7. Criticizing other people (and yourself.)
  8. Preaching.
  9. Dwelling on the past.
  10. Waiting.
  11. Fearing failure – and success.

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