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manager communicationI’ve blogged before about how communication is an essential component to implementing change in the workplace. That process starts at the top, and if managers aren’t equipped or prepared to communicate effectively, then your organization’s change has hardly any chance of being successfully delivered.

When you think about it, being a good communicator is one of the most important traits a manager can have. Whether it’s setting up expectations for employees, clarifying deals with clients, or implementing change (as referenced above), if they don’t communicate clearly, then things start to fall apart.

So if you are a manager, what can you do to reassure yourself that you’re communicating well, or alert you to the fact that you need to do a better job?

Start with this list of “7 leadership tips for masterful communication” that was recently featured at inc.com.

As you go through their tips, you’ll quickly get an idea of whether or not you are doing these things every single day.

Here they are at a glimpse:

  1. Be mindful of using negative metaphors and cliches.
  2. Follow through on promises.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk about failure.
  4. Practice active listening skills.
  5. Set team agreements.
  6. Respond instead of react.
  7. Give feedback.

Now, at a first look, some of these may seem obvious. But you really should read the article to get a deeper understanding of what each means and how it could impact your organization – and your career.