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work 20162016 was a year of twists, turns, surprises and CHANGE – from changes in the White House, to changes in our personal lives, to changes in the way we work.

As the economy changes, lifestyle trends emerge, and new technologies impact our daily lives, we should expect the way we work to change, too.

But many of us would rather put our heads in the sand and pretend things are going to stay the same forever. Hey, I get it! Change is never easy. But not only is a reality – it’s an essential thing to engage for the sake of your career development.

Which is why I want to direct you to a very timely Fast Company article titled The Top 5 Ways Work Changed in 2016. This article does a great job of listing out major trends this past year that have impacted a variety of industries and professions.

Below is a quick snapshot of their list – read the whole article for deeper insight into each one.

  1. Workers got a pay bump (some of them, anyway).
  2. Workplace gender issues burst into the national conversation (again).
  3. More people picked up side gigs.
  4. More working parents earned paid leave.
  5. Employees paid more for health care, but gained new benefits.

How does each of these changes impact you?