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new year's resolutionAs we head into the Holidays and reflect upon the year to come, it becomes all to real – it’s resolution time!

Whether you are a literal person who writes out your New Year’s resolution on paper and holds yourself strictly accountable to it, or someone who more so puts the idea of a resolution in the back of your head as “something you’re trying to be mindful of”, it’s important to be purposeful in how you enter the new year professionally.

What are the things you can do to make your career more satisfying?

What are the little tricks you can add to your daily routine to make you feel more productive?

Forbes recently asked a similar question to 5 experts, and the advice they gave is definitely of note.

Here is a quick preview what they had to say:

“Invest your time wisely.” –Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Founder, Extreme You

“Be a power connector.”Edie Weiner, President and CEO, The Future Hunters

“Paint outside the lines.” Liz Kaplow, President and CEO, Kaplow Communications

“Own your own time.” -Judy Brown, Executive Vice President, Business Operations & CFO, Perrigo Company plc

“Fight unconscious bias.” Susan McPherson, Founder & CEO, McPherson Strategies, LLC

Now, I realize that at first glance some of these may not be inherently clear. But you’ll notice themes of time management and taking control of how you approach the changes that find their way into your career.

I hope you’ll read the entire article for insight on each one of these resolution thought-starters.