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Are You Aware of These 3 Work Trends Going Into 2017?

robotic arm2017 is still a very new year, and some of the work trends that will shape the professional landscape are still coming to light.

That’s why I want to share this recent article that identifies 3 trends that could impact or change the way we work in 2017. These are the kinds of things that are essential for all of our career development.

The first is kind of mind-blowing, the second is hiding in plain sight, and the third is statistically reflective of America. Here’s a quick look:

  1. AUTOMATION“Some experts think that up to 47 percent of today’s jobs will be automated in the next 20 years or so.” I’m not trying to say robots are here to take over the world or anything, but it is something we should all be aware of!
  2. THE GIG ECONOMY“The future of work lies in the blended workforce — full-timers and freelancers, working together.” This doesn’t mean we’re all going to become Uber drivers, but it does mean that professional industries of all kinds are changing from a personnel standpoint.
  3. HIGHER MINIMUM WAGETwenty-two states and the District of Columbia will raise the minimum wage in 2017, boosting pay for millions of American workers.” Grassroots efforts across America have driven up the minimum wage.

I hope you will read the entire article, which does a great job of going deeper into these trends with actionable next steps.