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career changeWe all face and pursue changes in our careers. But sometimes the change IS our career.

As a Career Coach, I see this all the time. People realize after a month, a year, a decade that the industry they’ve been working in doesn’t fit their passions, their talents or their goals. And so, they decide that they don’t just need a new job – they need a new career!

I’ve seen people from all kinds of fields change to other industries that seemingly have nothing to do with what they’ve done in the past. If you ever find yourself at this point, it can be a very exciting thought. “I’m shedding a job I don’t care about to pursue something that matters to me!” And that IS exciting.

But you also need to know the truth. It’s hard. VERY hard. You can definitely do it, but you should know ahead of time what you’re getting into.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently ran an article does just that. It calls out 6 things you should know before you begin this epic new journey:

  1. You’ll need to shift your mindset – your professional identity is about to transform.
  2. Your resume needs an overhaul – it must fit your anticipated new field.
  3. Even if you don’t have experience, you have skills – you must focus on your achievements that cross industry lines.
  4. You should think big – industry, not description.
  5. It’s ok if there’s a lot you don’t know (yet) – you must be eager to learn and grow.
  6. There will be disappointments. Some people may not give you the time of day or take you seriously because of your previous work experience. Press on. Learn. And develop.

Read the rest of the article for more insight into these 6 tips on how you can be prepared to change careers!