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5 “Real World” Trends That Are Impacting “Work World”

work world changesWe often like to separate our “real world” lives and our “work world” lives.

Different routines. Different ways we interact and engage with people. Different purposes for our technology like computers and smartphones. Different expectations about what we get out of each of these different “lives.”

But I’m a proponent of recognizing that your work world and your real world are and should be connected. Sure, they don’t necessarily overlap, but there are things we can take from our “real world” and from our “work world” that can make each better and happier.

This concept was explored recently by Rick Devine (CEO of TalentSky,┬áthe world’s first professional skills network) in an article for Forbes.

In the article, Forbes gets tangible, identifying five different real world influences that will impact work worlds in 2017. Here’s a quick sneak peek:

  1. There will be more social media-like tools in the workplace.
  2. Real-time performance feedback will replace annual reviews.
  3. A move toward a system of skill supply and demand.
  4. New skills visibility will fuel innovation.
  5. Companies will finally act on low engagement.

You should read the whole article to truly understand these five influences.

But the end takeaway I hope you’ll start thinking about for your personal career development is how you can pursue balance between your “work life” and “real life.”