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By now you’ve probably seen the pics or video (above) of former President Barack Obama’s vacation with Richard Branson.

Part of the reason people have reacted so strongly to the pics and video of Obama’s time kitesurfing is the pure joy on his face. We all see him and think, “After 8 years of never having a break, this trip has to feel SO good.”

And then the natural reaction? We want to feel as good as he does.

While we all get “vacations”, it’s often rare to truly feel like we are breaking free from the weight we feel in our jobs. But as Obama’s face in these pics/videos suggest, getting away from it all can be truly powerful.

This recent Inc. article covers this topic in an interesting way:

Whatever it is, it’s important to remember that your career, just like the presidency, is finite, and that you will be sorry to have spent your healthiest years working all the time and never doing the fun things you love. So go ahead. Book that spa day or camping trip, get out your scuba gear or sign up for that film festival. You’ll be happy you did, and you’ll get back to your desk with a fresh new perspective and possibly some great new ideas.

Now, this doesn’t have to be kitesurfing! As the article suggests, it could be a cooking class, a new mountain bike, or a weekend fishing trip.

The point is to be aware and self-realized enough to know WHEN you need a break, and what exact kind of experience will truly give the the joy and freedom you desire.

Read the whole Inc. piece for more insight, and start brainstorming on all the ways YOU can get the break you want.