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I recently had the privilege of being referenced and sourced in Sue Shellenbarger‘s Wall Street Journal article titled Your Blueprint for Career Advancement Needs Updating (the video above is an interview with Sue in which she further explains the topic of the article).

In fact, two of my clients were also profiled!

I really like this article and the message it sends about career development. The piece is based around an analogy that our professional lives need a “career fitness plan”, upon which Sue Shellenbarger then provides signs that “your career plan needs a workout.”

Signs like:

  1. You feel stuck in a job that is too limiting.
  2. You procrastinate on career planning.
  3. You stop working on your personal brand.
  4. You allow your network to stagnate.

I really hope you will read the entire article and look closely at your own career. Be honest with yourself on the four signs above – are you feeling or doing any of these things?

If so, it’s time to get your career in shape and put a plan together.