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Few things play head games with a professional more than a job interview. Whether you’re employed or looking for a new job, it’s so easy to stress out.

“What are they going to ask?!”

“How should I answer if they ask about my last job?!”

“What kind of details are they expecting out of me?!”

“Are they looking at my social media posts?!” (hint: they are)

Know that you’re not alone in feeling a little anxious about the experience. But at the same time, don’t take it lightly. There are definitely things you don’t want to do, like provide broad generalizations about your work style or goals.

But even more importantly there are some things you SHOULD do, and as Brian de Haaff recently wrote in this Huffington Post article, there are three areas in which you should channel your job interview efforts:

  1. FOCUS. de Haaff writes, “No one expects you to have your entire life mapped out in advance. But most companies want to see that you are pursuing mastery in your field.”
  2. HUMILITY. He states: “There is nothing wrong with sharing areas where you want to grow. If you are strong in one area but need to develop in another, turn that into an opportunity to display your eagerness to learn more.”
  3. TRANSPARENCY. Says de Haaff, “A lack of transparency can lead to people questioning your trustworthiness altogether. Being upfront is always the best approach.”

These are three smart, simple things to really keep at the center of your approach to a job interview. Spend your time worrying about these things – and not all the hypothetical “could happen” scenarios of a job interview – and you will be in good shape.