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Career development is a big part of what I do as a coach and trainer. As I often tell individuals and companies alike, today’s workplace requires a new way of thinking about our careers and a new way of developing and motivating our employees.

That’s why I want to share an article titled Welcome To The Job Skills Revolution that really digs more into the “why” of career development.

In the article, Michael Stull, Senior Vice President for Manpower North America, serves as an expert source on this topic, and delivers a lot of good insight and advice.

One of Stull’s highlights in the article (in my opinion) is this quote:

“Companies have become consumers of labor instead of builders of talent,” Stull said. “As such, employers are expecting employees to be productive on day one, while individuals have become more responsible for developing their own skills.”

This is a big part of the problem – too much responsibility on the individual and no plan on the part of the company to invest in career development for their employees (which would make them more productive in the long run).

So, what’s the employee to do if your company isn’t investing in your career? As the article states, there is a lot of development one can do on their own digitally. But there are also other resources like the Job Shapers Network here in St. Louis, or coaching services.

Hopefully company owners, managers and leadership reads this post and/or this article and really start thinking about how career development can impact their employees – and ultimately their business.