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3 Habits Good Leaders Show – And 3 Habits They Don’t

One of the reasons I most consistently hear people say they quit their job is because of their boss.

Or their boss’ boss.

Or their boss’ boss’ boss.

The people who lead a company and manage employees have a major influence on the work culture in their organization, and career development of their team. And if a leader exhibits certain positive habits, it can contagiously spread to the rest of the company.

But the same can be said if their habits are toxic.

That’s why I want to share this recent Inc. article with you, in which writer Marcel Schwantes breaks down 3 habits that good leaders demonstrate, and 3 that they should not.

Let’s start with 3 traits that Schwantes identifies as harmful – traits that used to be “the norm” for how managers ran their teams:

  1. Power
  2. Control
  3. Fear

These are the old school traits that managers for too long have believed results in respect and discipline. As Schwantes writes:

Top-down bosses who spread fear are notorious for killing intrinsic motivation. And when that happens, good-employees-turned-order-takers stop exercising the very traits employers wish to see in their people–that of proactive, creative, self-starters.

Now let’s focus on the positive habits that GOOD leaders demonstrate:

  1. Listening
  2. Self Control
  3. Humility

Focusing on these habits leads to what Schwantes calls “a new behavioral paradigm for leaders to connect with the hearts and minds of people – a “human to human” (H2H), if you will, approach to leadership.”

I hope you’ll read the rest of the article, and consider how you – or the managers on your team – can develop into more human leadership that ultimately benefits everyone in the organization.