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How Managers Can Get Good Employees To Stay On Their Team

mentorshipEvery good manager has people on their team that they don’t want to lose – especially if it’s a star performer they helped create!

If you’re a manager, you have to understand ahead of time that some of your best employees will stay and others will go.

That being said, I have been in organizations where managers have the reputation of helping their staff develop and grow. They rarely have to look at external candidates to fill positions because internal team members are constantly encouraging other employees to request a transfer to their departments when an opportunity opens up. They have such a good reputation for developing and growing their people that they almost exclusively attract those who have what it takes to be star performers – that’s career development at work.

Your team needs good guidance and a reliable, inspiring mentor. Be committed to helping each of your team members find ways to grow professionally and personally. Working together, you can start identifying long-range goals.

If you’re part of setting those goals, you have a personal stake in your team member and they know it – which drives expectations, loyalty and a healthier work environment.

Remember that you might have some people on your team who don’t what to climb the ladder, so their goals may be about deepening their skill sets or developing into a specialist/expert in a niche area.

If you’re a manager, there are tips and topics like this throughout my book, RINGMASTER: 8 Strategies For Becoming A Star Performer In The Midst Of Change.