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What A Day Without Women In The Workforce Would Look Like

By March 8, 2017Blog, Change, Media, News

international women's dayAs many of you know, today is International Women’s Day, and to raise awareness for a variety of global women’s rights issues (like equal pay, for example), some women across the nation are taking the day off and taking to the streets to make their voices heard.

A lot has been written on this topic, and I want to personally point you to this Fast Company report that breaks down how “a day without women” would impact the workforce.

As the article points out:

$21 billion – cost to the U.S. economy if women didn’t participate in the workforce for a day.
$7.6 trillion – contributed to the nation’s GDP each year by women’s labor.
4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.
47% of front-line and middle management workers are women.
42% of U.S. mothers were sole or primary breadwinners in 2015.
80% of medical and health workers are women.
82% of social workers are women.
54.2% of the financial services industry labor force are women.
The numbers tell the story. I hope you’ll help share it.