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boomer business ownerPer this Inc. article, Gallup reports that 80 percent of Boomer startups are built as lifestyle choices meant to supplement retirement income and keep the mind engaged.

That’s definitely the case of the article’s two subjects, Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, who co-founded Pedego in 2008 by  when both were in their early 50s.

This story is an inspiration for a lot of reasons.

As a Career Coach and Job Shapers Network leader, I meet later-in-life professionals who still have passion to do something new, building it from the ground up. While a lot of their contemporaries are counting down the days to retirement, they are looking for their next big thing.

That being said, the questions of “am I too old to do this?” or “is it too late for me to start something like this?” will always creep in.

That’s why it’s important to see examples like DiCostanzo and Sherry. It’s inspiring to see people who may have had the same concerns, but they forged ahead in their career development – and the bet paid off.

Another case in point: Hiroshi Morihara, who is 78 years old. At 68, Morihara retired, but quickly got bored. So he started a new company – an innovative form of clean energy made from waste wood (which is plentiful in Oregon).

My point is this – if you’re a Boomer, you’re not necessarily “past your prime” professionally.

If a little voice inside you is wishing to start something from the ground up, you’re not crazy to listen.

If you’ve started a business in your Boomer years, I’d love to hear YOUR story!