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Sometimes you read something that really makes you stop and take notice – like the opening sentence I recently read in this article written by Dana Manciagli article:

For the first time, there can be as many as five generations working together in the office…

Think about that for a minute! This is almost like the premise of a sitcom – the inherent differences between, say, Millennials and Boomers, is sure to provoke all kinds of workplace scenarios (some funny, some not).

This is a unique time in the professional world that everyone should be paying attention to for the sake of their own career development. Specifically, managers and Human Resources professionals should be paying attention to how the workplace is evolving based on the ages and demographics of the people who drive the organization’s work culture.

In the article, Manciagli speaks with with Dean Aloise, global HR consulting leader at Conduent HR Services, about three workplace trends all organizations should pay attention to now. Here is a sneak peek at what they unpacked:

1. The importance of people – it’s about more than just seeing people as “talent” or “assets.”

2. The role of the office environment – maybe it’s time to redesign the way people work around and with each other in your office space.

3. Modern benefits vs. traditional health and retirement benefits – it’s time to look at perks that address all aspects of your workers’ lives (especially the younger ones).

I encourage you to read the entire article for more insight into how contemporary workplaces are evolving – and how you can capture the momentum for the betterment of your organization.