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Take It From This Google Exec: Career Development Works

GoogleIn my job, I get to see Career Development success stories all the time. But it’s always nice to see when a major influencer from one of the world’s biggest companies shares how smart, proactive career management set the course for their career success.

In this CNBC article, Google exec Peter Roper shares that one question has consistently driven him to new professional opportunities, positions and levels of satisfaction:

“What skill set can I develop to enhance my career?”

It may seem like a broad question, but if it’s one that you are always asking, it will continually push you forward positively.

Some highlights from the article:

“The reality is we’re all going to switch jobs a lot of times during our life and you have to have a longer term plan,” Roper says.

“You don’t have to have your career perfectly mapped out,” Roper says, “but thinking of it in terms of chunks of expertise and specialty that you’d like to obtain along the way is a great way to make sure that your moves are building on each other.”

“Envision yourself at the company for two or three years,” he says. “What skill set will you have now that you don’t have when you started that job? And where is that going to take you?”

These are all such productive thoughts and questions to be asking oneself.


Because I believe they result in tangible answers. You can identify literal skills and abilities that you can pursue to ultimately position yourself for success.

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