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Managers – Are You Setting Your Employees Up For Success In Their Self Reviews?

Most managers don’t just “give” performance reviews – they ask their employees to help track their successes over the year, usually shared through a self review.

One thing I think we forget in the context of this process is not everyone learns and processes information the same way. I’m dyslexic, which results in me processing things in a way that’s very different from others around me. I learn best by doing, not talking. The hands-on approach has always been my best learning method, rather than reading a book about “how to.”

I share this because the best way for your employees to learn from tracking their accomplishments won’t be universal. One thing that separates good teachers from great is that great ones often tailor an individual approach to each of their students. They know how to get the best performance out of them. So put on your teacher’s hat and find ways that work for each employee when tracking their progress and achievements.

I once saw a report that suggested you ask yourself the following questions to determine if you’re doing a good job helping your team track their successes:

  • Do my employees know how I judge and measure their performance?
  • Do I provide and encourage individual development with training and educational programs?
  • Do I trust my employees and rely upon their knowledge?
  • Do I let employees make decisions?
  • Do I have timely, accurate, open, two-way communication with my employees?

If you’re not answering “yes” to many of the above questions, you might need to reevaluate the way you’re helping your team track their success.

And remember to keep an open mind in your approach. If there is a team project, then assign someone in the group the responsibility of capturing what specific duties have been completed by each member of the team. Then everyone gets a copy for their records!

For some, that may mean they need to partner up with another coworker and hold each other accountable for tracking their accomplishments. Think outside the box for each person. It will save you time on the back end, and come review time you will have all the information you need right at your fingertips!