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What Will Corporate Culture Look Like 10 Years From Now?

I blog a lot about corporate culture because I believe it is an essential part of professional success – both for the individual and the organization.

So you can imagine when I saw a recent Inc. headline that read “18 Executives Were Asked ‘What Will Company Cultures Look Like in The Future?”, my interest was piqued!

It’s a fascinating look at how different leaders from a variety of industries view corporate culture. One thing that is inherently in common is that they are all thinking about it, which signifies just how important this topic is for workplace development and planning.

Here is a quick preview of some of the quotes and commentary from the article:

Shawn Murphy, Co-founder of Switch & Shift: “Companies will focus more on physical and psychological well-being–intrinsic needs. The external factors would be investing in nap pods, teaching mindfulness, assigning purpose-driven work to help employees develop.”

Bryan Koontz, CEO of Guidefitter: “I believe the future of company culture in 10-15 years will be dramatically influenced by the Internet of Things. Thus, the 9 to 5 will be traded for a flexible work schedule that allows for 3 hour lunch breaks, late mornings, or half-day Fridays.”

Eileen Scully, Founder of The Rising Tides: “Corporate cultures are experiencing a major shift that will result in a move towards flatter organizations, salary transparency, executive accountability (beyond revenue into culture), and higher public commitment to social responsibility.”

Bryan Trilli, Founder of Optimized-Marketing.com: “As more millennials rise to leadership roles you’ll see a continued shift towards caring. Your first role is to serve those around you and then get out of their way to allow them to succeed.”

Trey Stout, Co-Founder & CTO at ScribbleChat: “We’ll see an aggressive reduction of middle management. We’ll see a move away from low trust environments to high trust, high information environments.”

Again, I hope you will read the whole article for more insight and perspective like this. What potential future trends jump at you the most?