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Is “Less” More For Your Career Development? This Study Suggests So…

less is moreIt would be naive to suggest that our career development is completely detached from our personal life.

While we may like to separate what we do at work and what we do at home, they inevitably impact each other. So it only makes sense to explore ways to make each side of “life” more fulfilling, thereby creating a more positive whole altogether.

That’s why I find articles like this recent Forbes piece interesting – it shines a light on an emerging “approach to life” that, for many, is creating a stronger sense of well-being.

The trend? This is from the very first paragraph of the article:

Minimalism, downsizing, tiny houses. Experiences above objects. Decluttering and simplifying your lifestyle. Over the past few years the idea that the road to happiness may actually be paved with less, not more, has become a first-world obsession for millions of people around the globe.

It makes sense. Sometimes too much emphasis on “things” can lead to a general sense of materialism that is unsatisfying. That impacts how we work, and what we work for. It makes sense that, for some people, a more minimalist approach to life can reduce stress and refocus motivations and aspirations in a healthy way.

The article cites a new paper out this week by Sarah Newcomb, a behavioral economist with Morningstar. Some of the findings include:

  • Our sense of self includes things we have control over
  • It is the feeling of power, not necessarily the exercise of it, that we found was linked to emotional well-being
  • A strong correlation between a sense of power over choices in their financial lives and experiencing more positive feelings such as more joy, peace, satisfaction and pride
  • The standardized effect size of empowerment on emotional well-being was more than twice as large as income
  • Identifying what is really necessary frees up more mental and emotional resources, enhancing a greater sense of well-being

I hope you will read the entire article for more insight. Does living a more minimalist lifestyle sound like it would be good for your life and career?