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Can Your Voice – Your LITERAL Voice – Impact Your Career?!

I recently came across a Fast Company Article titled, “Four Ways To Tell What Your Voice Is Saying About You.”

At first I presumed the article was about one’s “voice” in terms of how they stand out from the crowd – you know, as in “That person really has a voice in how we approach new business” or “So and so has a powerful voice in how women are treated in the workplace.”

But no.

This article was LITERALLY about what your voice – its volume, tone, quality, etc. – says about you professionally.

And you know what? It’s worth reading!

The article is written by Anett Grant, the CEO of Executive Speaking, Inc. In the article, Grant identifies four ways that you can gauge the way your literal voice communicates to others in terms of your confidence, experience and trustworthiness.

Here is a quick preview of what Grant breaks down:

1. Test For Resonance – what is a “strong” voice?

2. Loosen Up – what is your voice saying about your stress level?

3. Adjust The Volume Controls – identify how your volume communicates emotional control.

4. Take Its Temperature – do you project “warmth”?

I recommend you read the entire article for some good, tangible, LITERAL insight into your voice and what it says about you.