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It’s Almost a 3-Day Weekend – NOT a Good Time To Reach Out To Your Hiring Manager!

It’s almost a 3-day weekend. And if you’re a job applicant who just sent in your application, resume, or contact info to the hiring manager, no doubt you’re anxious to hear something BEFORE the long weekend begins.

Here’s a tip – no matter how much you want to reach out one more time to try and prompt the hiring decision maker, DO NOT DO IT!

This is a natural problem we all deal with. Regardless of the time of year, the urgency surrounding a job inquiry is always higher with the person “sending” than it is the person “receiving.” And what that too often results in is the person inquiring about the job over-contacting the hiring manager in search of some kind of response.

This is a real problem. So much so that FastCompany recently wrote about “Three Times You’re Unintentionally Annoying Your Hiring Manager.”

The article cites three examples that are probably very familiar with a lot of people:

  1. When you anticipate an immediate response. This is an easy one. There’s urgency on your end for this job – so why doesn’t the hiring manager reach back out?! Give them time. They have a lot on their plate.
  2. When you make them do all the work. Don’t make the hiring manager do too much legwork to understand your qualifications.
  3. When you expect them to have all the answers. Just because they are the hiring manager doesn’t mean they 100% understand every aspect of the opportunity. Whether it’s when you would qualify for 401k match or a team culture question, you have to understand that their job is to guide the hiring process. Give them some space.

I highly encourage you to read the entire article – it’s full of good, practical advice anyone who is pursuing a new job should consider!