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Usually when I blog about career development, it’s in the context of professionals who are several years into their career and are looking to develop into something more.

But what about the professionals who are just starting, or who have found themselves in the same entry level position for far too long?

This is PRECISELY where career development begins!

This is when you absolutely need to find ways to challenge yourself, prove your value, and identify new opportunities for yourself at your current job – or at least craft skills that can get you that next job.

A recent Fast Company article covers this very topic, giving tips on how you can begin developing your career with the purpose of advancing beyond the entry level job you’re outgrowing. Not surprisingly, a common theme among the tips the article provides is that of attitude. If you look closely at the top-line tips below (read the whole article for more insight), you will see that they are driven by one’s eagerness and willingness to find opportunity where it may seem limited…

  1. Treat your job like it’s your dream job.
  2. Take on challenging projects.
  3. Make an effort to network with your coworkers.
  4. Start a side project related to your desired industry.
  5. When you leave, make sure that you have a good story.

Like I said, having the right attitude in how you approach developing your career out of an entry level position is half the battle. If you look at your job like you’re the victim, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s time to get real – and get positive.