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Michelle Obama’s Leadership Development Advice

While her husband may have been the President of the United States, former First Lady Michelle Obama has clearly exhibited strong leadership skills in her own right.

This is one of the many reasons Apple invited her to speak in a “fireside chat” with CEO Tim Cook at this week’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

While the conversation was intended to be private, video and audio of the chat has leaked, and there is a lot to take away.

What stood out most to me, though, is the insight she provides on developing leadership skills. She didn’t just provide advice for people in politics. She delivered universal insight that can be applied to leaders in any industry or organization.

Inc. did a great job of breaking down the 5 key leadership points she made:

  1. Expect to be frightened.
  2. Don’t make it all about you.
  3. Don’t try to do it alone.
  4. Communicate with everyone.
  5. Live your values every day.

Again, this is just a top-line look at what she communicated – I encourage you to read the entire article for more insight into her points.

But when you look at these points in general, it’s clear these are simple actions that any of us should be able to embrace… but the truth is that few of us do.

So take a moment, reflect, and ask yourself, “How can I take these 5 leadership truths and apply them to what I do every day?”

Then let the leadership development journey begin…