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Getting Respect From Your Employees Is More Driven By Emotion Than You Think

leadership developmentIn the eyes of employees, what makes a good manager/leader/boss?

It’s a question that’s been asked for ages, but the answer is often dependent on the era, the industry, and the workplace culture. But that being said, there are some universal things that can be said about leadership development in terms of gaining respect from your team.

In a recent Inc. article written by Marcel Schwantes (Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core), Mr. Schwantes makes the case that earning respect is built by the way a manager makes their employees FEEL.

Of course leading with confidence, decisiveness and fairness matters, but as Schwantes writes:

“In my research of the best features of leaders that get respect from employees, it comes down to what they do from an emotional space — how they make their employees feel. In other words, it’s the things they do that so deeply affect people’s emotional well-being in the positive, the response is of the utmost respect and admiration.”

Schwantes then goes deeper, identifying four leadership behaviors that tend to be uncommon in the workplace:

  1. They look to front-line employees for new ideas.
  2. They are curious.
  3. They display the powerful attribute of vulnerability.
  4. They are empathetic.

Read the Inc. article for more insight into each of these four behaviors – you might be surprised how much it helps develop your leadership skills, impact and reputation.