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Amazon, recruiting, career development

Amazon is clearly one of the hottest companies in the world right now (just check out this article about how they are on a hiring spree in the Midwest).

Amazon is clearly at the forefront of a variety of industries, from e-commerce to retail, tech to entertainment. Because of that, they are attracting the best and brightest at every level.

So how can you stand out when applying to work at a hot destination like Amazon?

Miriam Park, the head of Amazon’s university recruiting program, recently penned a piece for Fast Company in which she reveals four things she and her team look for when hiring recent college grads.

The interesting thing is that, in my opinion, these four tips transcend the college level and can help anyone who’s looking to get in at a competitive company.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Park and people like her look for:

  1. Signs that you’re curious.
  2. A big risk you took.
  3. Something you thought up yourself.
  4. A time you put the customer first.

Definitely check out the whole article for deeper insight into each of these tips.

But I hope you will consider the fact that – whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned pro – your career development can’t be stagnant. You have to keep pressing forward, finding new ways to learn and produce that satisfy both yourself and the organization.

It’s people who do this who will attract the eye of companies like Amazon.